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02 FEV 2020 10h00

European Cross League Clubs

Categoria Corta Mato Local Aldeia das Açoteias - Albufeira
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The Algarve Athletics Association and the Albufeira Municipal Chamber will carry out, together with the 43rd Edition of the International Cross Almond Blossom Cross, the European Cross Clubs League, seeking to streamline this exciting aspect of our sport.
The gold is to provide European cross-country National Champion teams (and not only) an attractive team competition.

For this we have the following supports:
  • Associação de Atletismo do Algarve
  • Camara Municipal de Albufeira
  • Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude
  • Turismo do Algarve
  • Junta Freguesia dos Olhos de Agua
  • Sporting Clube de Portugal
  • Clube Desportivo Areias de São João
  • Agriloja
  • Viagens Laranja
  • Aguas Vimeiro
  1. DATE
The 1st Edition of the European Cross Clubs League, will be held on February 2, 2020, at Aldeia das Açoteias Cross Track, Albufeira.
    Clubs of teams affiliated with the European National Athletics Federations may participate in the competition.
    Registered athletes must indicate their current federative license (2019/2020 season).
SENIOR COMPETITIONEach Team have to register 2 (two) U23 Athletes;
U20 COMPETITIONEach Team can /have to register 2 (two) U18 Athletes.
    Teams must register their elements for CRONOAAALGARVE no later than 22 January 2020.
  1. VISAS
Visas (VISA) must be obtained prior to leaving your country, the Embassy or Consulate of Portugal, in advance to ensure all procedures on time.
Visa applicants should contact the LOC by January 15, 2020) for a special invitation letter and visa application information.             
The following information should be included in the request:
• Full name (first and last name as shown in passport);
• Gender;
• Date of birth;
• Passport number and expiration date (passports must be valid at least 6 months after the end of the competition);
• Function in the Team (athlete or official).   
E-Mail: drt.algarve@mail.telepac.pt
There will be a Team prize money for the first 3 female and male teams of the competition, scoring the 4 best athletes from each team, winning the team with the lowest score.
The prize money
The Prize Money will be disclosed until 12th of January 2020
The organization provides transportation between Faro International Airport and the organization's hotels (in Albufeira) to clubs that so request.
Faro Airport is the closest to Albufeira (approximately 35 Km). Travel will need to be booked based on this information.
Due to the short distance from the hotel to the competition, there will be no transportation for athletes to the training and competition venue.
Transportation will be arranged according to flight schedules sent by teams.
Should team travel plans change after the closing date, teams may have to secure an extra fee to support any extra transportation expenses.
The official hotels of the Competition are Alfamar Beach & Sport Resort and Victoria Sport & Beach Hotel, both located within walking distance of the training venue and competition venue, respectively 700m and 300m.
All questions related to accommodation is the responsibility of the organization.
The cost of Team Registration will be 600 € (4 athletes + 1 Staff), which includes accommodation in full board (2 nights).
Each EXTRA person adds the value of 100 € / day in full board.
Each team can register a maximum of 8 athletes per race.
The entry fee for the competition without accommodation  will be 200 euros.
The final entries confirmations will be sent by email for club and based on the final entries will be sent an invoice with the payment details.

Payments must be made in Euros by Bank transfer to the following account:
            Account holder: Associação de Atletismo do Algarve
            Bank name: Novo Banco, S.A.
            Bank address: Rua Bombeiros Portugueses, 7 8000-233 Faro
            Account number: 0002 0675 0263
            IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0020 6750 2632 3
            Swift: BES CPTPL
IMPORTANT: A copy of the transfer should be sent to:      aaalgarve@mail.telepac.pt
The balance of the payment must be paid on-site by the Team Leader on arrival at the Accreditation Centre.
Payments can only be made by cash or credit card.
Extra hotel services must be paid at the hotel reception by the team leader.
The Team Accreditation Center will be located at Alfamar Beach & Sport Resort. This is where the team leader shall report as soon as possible after arrival in order to handle administrative procedures.

The date and time and time of the Team Accreditation Center will be as follows:
31 January 14:00 – 20:00 (depending on arrivals)
1 February 09:00 – 22:00
2 February 09:00 – 22:00

Each team leader will be asked to complete the following formalities before collecting accreditation cards for the entire team:

- Invoice of accommodation
- Final Confirmation of Entries
- Collection of competition related forms and information

The Team Leader shall arrange for accommodation to be paid to team members outside the LOC quota and confirm the athletes participating in the event.
After payment and confirmations, the team leader shall collect accreditation cards from the entire team.

The TIC will be linked to the Information Desks created for this event and will be responsible for the following:

• Settlement of technical enquiries from delegations ;
• Competition information;
• Recovery of confiscated items at the Call Room
• Publication of results;
• Receipt of protests from teams.
Each athlete will receive two Bibs: one to be placed at the back of the silhouette and one to be placed at the front.
The timing chip must be placed on the Shoe.
Athletes should ensure proper chip placement, as it is their responsibility, and for Team managers to be aware of check-in hours at the Call Room.
The chips are for personal use and must be returned after the race.
All athletes must wear the club equipment they represent.
Athletes must report to the Call Room 15 minutes prior to the starting shot.
The first call to participants will be made at the call room near the starting line. It is important for Team managers to ensure that athletes are aware of the time of the last checklist for entry into the Call Room.
Protests and appeals are allowed and will be prosecuted under IAAF Rule 146.
In the first instance, protests must be made orally to the Referee by the athlete or a responsible official on his behalf (rule 146.3). Protests concerning the result or conduct of an event shall be made within 30 minutes of the official announcement of the results (posted on the TIC information board).
In the mixed zone, all athletes meet the media: first TV, then radio and finally the written press. It is for the athlete to decide whether he/she will give an interview.